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Furniture stores are suppliers to homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, libraries, museums, and other public places. There are needs of cots, tables, chairs, writing desks, computer furniture, cupboards, drawers, and cabinets for offices and households. Furniture stores design, craft and sell furniture items as per customized patterns. Traditionally, these are made from wood, but other materials are gradually becoming more popular, like plywood, wrought iron, aluminum, and even plastic. Items bought as raw materials is large both in terms of variety and quantity. Suppliers of these materials are profited greatly by a directory, database and marketing list furniture stores and shops.


Furniture is a durable item, and buyers spend large sums in procuring them. A furniture maker must thus be very conscious about the quality of product offered to end-users. Molded plastic furniture and aluminum varieties are machine made, while those made from wood, plywood, or wrought iron are hand crafted. Fabricators are regular suppliers to furniture stores and would be benefited by an e-mail list of furniture makers and sellers. These fabricators create fabulous designs from wrought iron sheets, rods, and pipes of different gauge. Even suppliers of cast iron pipes, sheets and bars need an e-mail marketing list of furniture stores.


Wooden furniture is the most sought after variety by consumers. Furniture makers thus need a constant supply of good quality wood from various sources. A directory, database and marketing list furniture stores and shops would be of immense assistance to a supplier of superior quality wood. Manufacturers and suppliers of plywood are also benefited by this e-mail list of furniture shops. The same holds true for aluminum fabricators. These fabricators design the framework of a furniture item which is then completed by a maker. An e-mailing list of furniture stores is like a handbook to this category of fabricators.


Fabrication or frames alone would never make a furniture complete. Laminates, paints, polish, varnish, foams, and cushion materials are needed as ingredients by a furniture maker. Wood furniture are mostly polished either in black, brown, or ivory. Laminate manufacturers in different patterns and designs are regular suppliers to furniture stores and would thus be profited largely if provided with a mailing list. Laminates are used in creating covering layers of plywood furniture, such as table tops, chair backrests, and cupboard doors. Foams and cushioning materials are extensively used in making chair seats and armrests. Suppliers of all these products would be immensely helped by a directory, database and marketing list furniture stores and shops.